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So many businesses don't know where to go for professional business photography or more specifically, product photographers. Product photography is so much more than capturing a good photo. Your product needs to be showcased with the appropriate setting and lighting to make it both appealing and engaging. Sometimes a product may require demonstration to give it vibrancy. We offer a diversified collection of models that can present your product in a way that gets your target audiences attention. Our services are designed to offer professional photography and design services to businesses across the nation. We strive to give our clients outstanding service to make it easy to present your product properly.

Remote Product Photography

Local Product Photography - DFW

Local Product Photography is available to clients in the DFW area that can bring their products to our studio to be photographed.

Denton photographers
  • Limited to DFW area

  • Professional Editing on all photos

  • Hi-Resolution CD of image choices


  • Professional Printing Services Available

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Remote Product Photography

Collaborate remotely with our photographers and make your product come to life. This service is offered nationwide.

Denton photographers
  • Collaborate with your product photographer to find the most effective ways to showcase your product or line of products.

  • We will arrange to have your product picked-up at your location or you can drop-off at our local partner shipping comapany.

  • Your product will arrive at our studio to be photographed in the style by which you discussed with your product photographer.

  • Your products will be carefully re-packaged, and shipped back to you along with the CD from your product photography session.

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    Other Services

  • Realizing the need businesses have for quality marketing materials, Luminous OFFERs A FULL LINE OF PRINTING SERVICES FOR BANNERS, POSTCARDS, FLYERS, BUSINESS CARDS, AND MUCH MORE.

      • Promotional Products

      • Professional printing Services

      • collateral material

      • Banners & Signs

      • Greeting Cards & Flyers

      • Design & Layout Services


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    • Our Photographers have had the privilege of working with the following businesses and Many More.

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