Your photographs are special memories that you will cherish for years to come. No longer do you need to be concerned about blemishes, flyaway hair, circles under the eyes, or any minor imperfections. At Luminous Photographs our photographers strive to make you look your absolute best! If there happens to be an imperfection on the day of your shoot we will use our professional editing techniques to make you look perfect!

luninous perfection

We put this photograph through our intensive editing process and performed the following steps to perfect the overall look of the image:

1. Smoothed and brightened the skin
2. Removed spots on forehead, chin, and chest
3. Cleared the dark circles under eyes
4. Lifted eye-lids & brightened eyes
5. Smoothed wrinkles in lips and around the mouth
6. Removed mole on neck
7. Fixed fly-away hair


luminous perfection

We also put this photo through our intensive editing process and perfomed the following:


1. Removed the blemishes on her chin, forehead, and cheeks
2. Cleaned-up the fly away hairs
3. Brightened her eyes
4. Cooled the tone of the image
5. Softened the edges around her nose
6. Smoothed the skin over-all


When you choose Luminous as your photographers we will ensure that every photograph you recieve will go through an intensive editing session to make you look your best!