• Wedding Packages

    Wedding & Event Photography

    Our Wedding packages are designed with the couple in mind. Every package includes a 12x12" Press-printed wedding album as well as a print Package designed for weddings of all sizes. Luminous Photographs Serving Denton and the surrounding DFW area. Contact our Photographers Today to schedule a meeting!

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  • Engagement Photos wedding photography

    Couples & Engagement Photographers

    Engagement photography has become a very popular option for many couples. It is so nice to have photographs capturing your unique relationship to cherish for years to come. Set aside a day to celebrate your love and let our photographer Capture the true beauty of your very special connection!

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  • Private Bridalsenior photographer

    Private/THemed Bridal Photography

    Themed bridal Photography is something very special for the bride-to -be. You will be planning a themed photo-shoot with our photographer at the venue or location of your choice. a themed photo-shoot is exciting and allows you to be expressive with your creativity in your bridal photographs.

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  • Luminous Perfectioncorporate photographers

    Magazine Quality Studio Editing

    No longer do you need to be concerned about blemishes, flyaway hair, or any minor imperfections. our photographers strive to make you look your best! If there happens to be an imperfection on the day of your shoot we will use our professional editing techniques to make you look perfect!

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